Desire Paths

August 26-28th 2022, Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden, Helsinki. Durational performance and site-specific installation for Under-Ground, the 2022 edition of Art for All Festival.

Detailed description and documentation of this performance coming soon!

There are paths made of stone and, next to them, a gentle erosion. Erosion that stems from our feet going astray. Shortcuts, detours, illicit trails: the city is full of them. Some call it disobedience; others, desire. During the Garden Residency at Kaisaniemi Botanic Gardens, I will follow the garden’s scripted routes, retrace others’ footsteps, and allow myself to drift. I will move to find companions and temporary roots, and I invite you to do the same. Stop by the small glasshouse near the garden’s main entrance. I will be there a couple of hours each day to help you get on track. If I don’t happen to be there, you will find guidelines for choosing your path. Desire paths | Kaisaniemi is a framework to reconnect, share and experiment with the streams of my research, some of which have long been buried underground.

The cover image is by Mana Tashakorinia, and the ones below are by Utzki + Oona.